What is AI Assist (Beta)?

Note: The beta phase for AI Assist in MAXQDA 2022 ends on February 7th, 2024. From this date, AI Assist can only be used with MAXQDA 24.

AI Assist is an incredibly useful tool that offers a range of functions in MAXQDA which leverage artificial intelligence to support your analysis work. By utilizing a sophisticated generative large language model, AI Assist can help you to enhance your analysis process. AI Assist automatically creates summaries of selected text or coded segments and provides suggestions for appropriate subcodes.

Currently, AI Assist offers the following functions:

  1. In the “Document Browser,” selected text segments can be automatically summarized and saved as a new in-document memo.
  2. For individual coded segments, an automatic summary can be created and saved in its comment.
  3. In code memos, you can automatically create a Code Summary for all segments that have been assigned to the associated code.
  4. In the Summary Grid, you can automatically generate a summary for the segments assigned to a code (on a document-case basis).
  5. Based on the contents captured with a code, AI Assist can generate suggestions for suitable subcodes while storing them in the associated code memo.

It is important to note that AI Assist is not intended to replace manual research, but rather to complement it. This intelligent system is designed to support and enhance human analysis work, rather than replace it. AI Assist also does not take decisions away from you but provides a collection of tools that (like many other tools in MAXQDA) can help improve your analysis work.

A word about data protection

At VERBI, we take the security and privacy of your sensitive research data very seriously. That's why we require users to actively sign up for this AI add-on and confirm their agreement with our privacy policy before using it. This ensures that only authorized individuals who understand the potential risks and benefits associated with using artificial intelligence are granted access to this tool.

Users with personal licenses can sign up for the beta program themselves. Users who are using a license through their organization have to wait until their organization signs up and distributes an organizational access code to their end users.

Your feedback

AI Assist is currently in beta status. We have been able to gain very good experience with all new features, but perhaps you will discover areas for improvement. You are welcome to send us these via our feedback page.

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