Code Cloud

Code Clouds visualize the most frequently used codes as word clouds. They are particularly suitable for exploring and illustrating the use of codes in a project. The code cloud can represent the codes used across all the documents in a project or only a selection of documents.

Code Cloud

Opening the code cloud

You can generate a Code Cloud for a single document, a document group, a document set, or all documents in a project. Right-click on the appropriate level in the "Document System" and select the entry Code Cloud.

Alternatively, you can also access this function via Codes > Code Cloud in the main ribbon menu. A dialog box will appear in which you can select documents and codes to be considered in the visualization.

Code Cloud settings

The settings for Code Clouds are very similar to those of word clouds and are described in detail there. The differences are minimal:

  • The entire code name is always displayed and can therefore consist of several words, as in the example in "unpaid work".
  • The Minimum Frequency option in the Start tab refers to the number of codes assigned in the selected documents.
  • Some functions of the word cloud, such as "Word Frequencies", the "Stop Word List" and "Ignore Numbers" are not available, since these do not make sense for a code cloud.

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