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Simple Coding Query

The Coding Query tool facilitates the retrieval process and the compilation of coded segments. This tool allows you to control all essential settings from within a dialog window. Before opening the Coding Query tool, you should activate the selected documents and codes. You can then open the "Coding Query" dialog window from the Analysis tab: click on the small arrow next to Complex Coding Query and select Coding Query from the drop-down menu.

The following window will then appear:

Coding Query window

You can determine various settings for the query from the dialog window:

Only activated documents – Select whether all documents, or only activated documents, should be considered in the query. The number in brackets indicates how many documents are currently activated.

Only activated codes – Same options as for Documents.

Include subcodes – If selected, subcodes of codes will be included in the query.

Use weight filter – The output of coded segments can here be limited to segments of a specific weight range.

Only coded segments of users – The output of coded segments can here be limited to segments that were created by a specific user.

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