Export Adjacency Matrix for Network Analysis

Export adjacency matrix for network analysis software packages

If you want to perform a network analysis of categories with a program like Gephi, you can export the results of the Code Relations Browser as an adjacency matrix:

  1. Clicl the Export icon at the top right of the window.
  2. In the file dialog, select "Adjacency Matrix (*.xlsx)" as the file format.
Relationen als Adjazenzmatrix exportieren

MAXQDA exports the frequencies of relations as follows:

  • The matrix is exported as if all codes were expanded.
  • Codes, that are displayed only in the columns are added to the rows and vice versa. This creates a symmetrical matrix.
  • If the name of a code occurs more than once, the name of the parent code is prefixed to ensure uniqueness of the code names.

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