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The MAXQDA Research Network is a global community of researchers working with MAXQDA in various disciplines and with a broad range of methodological approaches. All members of the network are in some way actively conducting research with MAXQDA, most of them from a PhD level onwards, including many professors, experts in industry or academia, as well as experienced MAXQDA ambassadors. They are all interested in sharing their knowledge related to MAXQDA while learning about new developments.

Why join the MAXQDA Research Network?

Research Network Newsletter

Central communication tool of the MAXQDA Research Network is a newsletter, containing information about new papers, ongoing research projects, or upcoming conferences and call for papers related to MAXQDA.

Network with Fellow Researchers

Inform us about your new research papers or other MAXQDA related activities and we will share them with the network. Or send us your personal networking request and find other MAXQDA experts working in similar fields.

Exclusive Resources

MAXQDA Research Network members can access resources for presenting MAXQDA to colleagues, ask for new video tutorials on specific topics, or participate in free webinars we organize exclusively for members of the network.

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We invite MAXQDA Research Network members who offer MAXQDA trainings and/or consulting services to share their contact info and training offers through individual MAXQDA Professional Trainer profiles on our website. Open trainings may also be advertised on our training webpage!

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