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Take it from the Research Network members

Dra. Andréa Luz

“Joining the network that is so diverse and with contemporary and exclusive material is a great opportunity for me. I’ve been learning a lot with the distinct research subjects that are shared in this network. Information on grant opportunities, courses, webinars and scientific meetings are also available within the network. Thus, being part of the network allows me to take advantage of all these features at once. Therefore, I believe that MAXQDA research network is a very useful tool for the scientific community around the world.”

Dra. Andréa Luz
Dra. Andréa Luz, Professional MAXQDA Trainer and Research Network Member since 2018.
Leandro de Lima

“In 2015, I’ve chosen to explore MAXQDA, in my researches in anthropology and impact evaluation, mainly because it is comprehensive, safe, constantly updated and friendly. The software is also accompanied by nice open contents online, as an easy-to-use manual, with many video tutorials, and the examples reported in the Research Blog, where I had the privilege to present a small contribution, in two posts, in 2019.
By that time, I also found out MAXQDA hubs an active and inventive Research Network, which provides members with further resources and information on the field. In that context, I became a MAXQDA Professional Trainer, a great opportunity to contribute and learn from researchers interested in exploring computer-based qualitative and mixed-methods analysis.”

Leandro Mahalem de Lima
Anthropologist, PhD., Researcher at the Center for Applied Microeconomics at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), São Paulo, Professional MAXQDA Trainer, and Research Network Member since 2019.
Martin Johnson

“In my research department I have been using MAXQDA since Version 2. I have found the software to be invaluable for my research work but, of course, the software has changed a lot since its early versions. Having access to the MAXQDA Research Network has been very helpful for me as it has allowed me access to experts at a number of levels depending on my needs. The Research Network News keeps me informed about the different sorts of work that the software is facilitating. I have also been able to access Webinars where experts can ‘walk me through’ the software so that I have been better able to see beneath the surface of MAXQDA. I have also been able to have direct access to fellow users (through training sessions or via email), and this has helped to address particular questions of personal relevance for my work.”

Martin Johnson
Researcher of curriculum, learning, and educational assessment in Cambridge, England and Research Network Member since 2016