The Overview of Documents for a Code

To answer the question in which documents or document groups a certain code was used, MAXQDA gives you the option to use the “Overview of Documents“. To show this overview, right-click on a code and choose Documents in the “Overview“ section of the context menu. It makes no difference whether the code has collapsed subcodes or not – the “Overview of Documents“ takes into account only the code in question.

Access the “Overview of Documents“ in the context menu for a code

A tabular list of all documents that have segments coded with the chosen code will open. In the following example, the code “Siblings” was used in 6 documents and 2 different document groups. The column “Coded Segments” shows how many coded segments were found in each document.

“Overview of Documents” for a code

In the overview's head, the function Aggregate to document groups is available. This function aggregates the shown result from documents to document groups. It shows all document groups in which the selected code appears. Taking the example above, after clicking the button, the table consists of two rows with the document groups “Interviews New York” and “Interviews Indiana”. The number of coded segments is summed up.

Aggregating to document groups

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