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AI Assist

Introducing AI to qualitative data analysis

Meet your new virtual research assistant. AI Assist simplifies your work by automatically analyzing and summarizing elements of your research project using the power of OpenAI.

  • MAXQDA Transcription

    Automatically transcribe your media to text right from your MAXQDA project.

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  • Explain selected text passages

    Have selected words or text passages explained to you and save the explanation as a memo.

  • Summarize selected text passages

    Have selected text passages summarized and saved directly as a memo.

  • Suggest subcodes

    Have coded segments analyzed and possible subcodes suggested to you.

  • Summarize a coded segment to a code comment

    Have summaries of coded segments created and saved as code comments.

  • Create automatic summaries

    Let AI Assist help you make sense of your data by providing automatic summaries for whole documents or the coded segments of a topic.

  • Customize your results

    Customize your interactions by adjusting its length, language, and format.

  • Privacy matters

    Your data is not used for AI learning. As an organization, you have complete control over who has access to AI Assist.

  • Free or Premium package

    AI Assist is available as a free add-on with limited prompts or a premium package for power users.

You can add AI Assist to your license purchase. Users with an organization license can access AI Assist if their organization has opted to add AI Assist to their license configuration.

Add AI Assist

AI Assist – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MAXQDA AI Assist

    MAXQDA AI Assist is an add-on for MAXQDA 24 – powered by OpenAI. AI Assist offers the possibility to have text passages summarized automatically.

    AI Assist is currently available to:

    • Create automatic summaries in the Summary Grid. AI Assist can summarize multiple text segments that were coded with the same code to help you explain common themes across your codings.
    • Create automatic Code summaries for a number of coded segments. AI Assist can add a summary to the Code memo to help you explain the coded content of a code.
    • Create automatic text segment summaries. With AI Assist, you can summarize both a coded segment and a marked text segment.
    • Automatic paraphrasing of text segments. Instead of a summary, you can have AI Assist create a paraphrase of the marked text segment.
    • Automatically generate suggestions for subcodes. Based on already coded text passages AI Assist generates suggestions for subcodes.
    • Automatic transcription of audio and video files. With MAXQDA’s automatic transcription, you can convert audio and video recordings into transcripts quickly and reliably.

    For each summary, you can choose the language and the length of the AI-generated summary. Afterward, you’re free to modify the summaries just like any other text.

  • Do I need a MAXQDA Account to access AI Assist?

    Yes, you need to create a free MAXQDA Account to activate and access AI Assist.

  • How do I add AI Assist to MAXQDA?

    There are three ways to enable the AI Assist add-on:

    1. Select the add-on while purchasing or upgrading to a MAXQDA 24 license
    2. Extend existing licenses within the Subscription Manager (for organisationally managed licenses)
    3. Extend existing licenses using the AI Assist upgrade website (for personally managed licenses)

If you have any further questions, please check out the detailed FAQ.