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AI Assist – MAXQDA Transcription

Unlock the future of automated transcription services

Experience the outstanding quality of automatic transcription solution with MAXQDA. Transcribe audio and video in over 45 languages in no time with advanced AI-based technology. Your transcripts are perfectly formatted to continue your analysis in MAXQDA and use powerful MAXQDA Features to further edit your transcripts, add or modify time stamps linking the text to the media file, or tagging speakers. MAXQDA Transcription is fully GDPR-compliant.

Streamlined efficiency

Qualitative and mixed methods research demand meticulous transcription, but it is often time-consuming. This powerful automated transcription service liberates you from the tedious task of manual transcription, freeing up your valuable time for in-depth data analysis. It only takes a few minutes from uploading your recordings to MAXQDA Transcription until you receive the complete transcript.

Automatic Transcription with MAXQDA in no time


Transcription has never been more adaptable. Transcribe audio and video files in all common file formats, quickly and effortlessly, and receive them in a format perfectly suited for integration with MAXQDA. Import both transcript and audio or video file into MAXQDA to link your text to the original source, and combine text and media codings completely flexible.

Speaks your language

Precision matters, especially when dealing with specific industries or niche subjects. That is why we empower you to create custom glossaries tailored to your needs. Add uncommon terms, jargon, or specialized terminology along with pronunciation to your media uploads, and MAXQDA Transcription will ensure their proper transcription. No more guessing games – just crystal-clear transcripts. Language should never be a barrier. MAXQDA Transcription can transcribe recordings in over 45 languages.

Automatic Transcription with MAXQDA in over 45 languages

Data secruity

With MAXQDA Transcription there is no need to worry about data security. Your files uploaded to MAXQDA Transcription are stored solely on GDPR compliant servers and your data will be solely utilized for speech recognition and will not be employed for any other purposes or shared with anyone else. Your media files will be deleted 7 days after the transcription is complete, and transcripts will be automatically deleted after you download them.

More advantages

Transcripts automatically created with MAXQDA Transcription include all the amenities that you already know from MAXQDA such as automatic speaker detection and timestamps. Each speaker’s contribution is tagged with their name. This feature enables you to separate the voices and opinion of each person and analyze them as a group, or individually. With timestamps you can link a text segment to its corresponding time segment in the audio file. Of course, MAXQDA can recognize these timestamps and link text and audio segments accordingly.

Get started with 60 free minutes

Add AI Assist Free to your existing MAXQDA License for free and explore MAXQDA Transcription with no obligation. You will get 60 minutes of free transcription time to start. Additional hourly packages can be added conveniently and affordably through the MAXQDA Online Shop.

Activate AI Assist Free

How it works

1. Get the AI Assist add-on

In order to use MAXQDA Transcription as well as other exciting AI-features that will simplify your work, you need the AI Assist add-on. AI Assist is available as a limited free package or as an unlimited premium package and can be activated either directly during purchase or at any later time.

Activate AI Assist

Use the power of AI for your analysis

2. Upload your recording

Take advantage of the automatic transcription feature: Import your media file into MAXQDA. Then, right-click on your audio or video file and select “Transcribe Automatically with MAXQDA Transcription“. You will be redirected to MAXQDA Transcription, where you can upload your media file and transcribe it conveniently. All popular file formats are supported.

Automatic Transcription with MAXQDA Account

3. Choose your settings

To further support your research MAXQDA Transcription is available in numerous languages. Simply choose the language of your audio recording from our extensive list of languages and dialects. Enhance transcription precision by adding a custom glossary of uncommon terms, jargon, or specialized terminology. Your content will be transcribed with the utmost accuracy.

Automatic Transcription with MAXQDA

4. See the status

The MAXQDA Transcription Website is designed so that keeping the overview about your transcript status as well as your transcription time contingent is easy. Your remaining transcription time is indicated in the top right corner. To buy more minutes simply click on the info icon. You can buy more minutes with just one click. A transcripts status and time needed to complete the automatic transcription process are indicated on the top.

Automatic Transcription with MAXQDA

5. Download your transcripts

Once they are ready, download your transcript and import them into MAXQDA. They are perfectly formatted to work with the automatic timestamp and speaker recognition of MAXQDA. If you want you can also add your media file to have both sources in one place, conveniently linked to one another.

Automatic Transcription with MAXQDA

6. Review and edit

We provide you with a clean, accurate transcription, but you have the final say. Review and edit your transcript with MAXQDA’s Onboard and easy-to-use Editing Tools.

Automatic Transcription with MAXQDA