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MAXQDA Course License

Are you planning a course in which your students will analyze qualitative data with MAXQDA? We support research methods teachers with free course licenses for their students.

Teachers can request a free MAXQDA license for each student taking part and for the duration of the course. Your students will receive a personal MAXQDA license (MAXQDA Standard) to run on their private computer while working on their research projects or exercises. This will allow them to get to know MAXQDA’s tools and develop valuable research skills using the software.


You can request a free MAXQDA course license for a verified course that focuses on research methods. It is available to all participants of the course. The period of validity depends on the length of your course/module, with a maximum of 120 days.

Should students wish to use MAXQDA for their bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or dissertation, these final projects cannot be completed with the course license. In this case, students may be interested in our price-reduced student licenses.

If you have any questions about this offer, please contact our customer service team at or +49 30 5900 83360. We look forward to hearing from you!

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