The MAXQDA TeamCloud

The MAXQDA TeamCloud enables you to work as a team on the same data using cycle-based team collaboration.

The workflow is quite simple: The team lead starts a project cycle and uploads the team project to the TeamCloud. All team members join the TeamCloud project, download the project file from within MAXQDA, work on it (online or offline), and upload their work once they are finished. The team lead is notified of any new uploads and can import the team members’ projects into the main project. The work on a team project may last one cycle, or it can go through several cycles.

Cycle-based team collaboration

The following illustration shows a typical TeamCloud workflow from start to finish. The red boxes represent the steps that may be repeated as often as needed.

The project cycle process at a glance

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Guide: Collaborative Data Analysis using MAXQDA TeamCloud

This guide combines the organizational, technical and - as far as necessary for understanding - methodological aspects of teamwork in qualitative research projects into a practical manual. In this guide, teamwork is understood not only as the joint analysis of data but as analysis based on the division of labor.

Quick start: TeamCloud Getting Started Guide

This guide is an extended excerpt from the MAXQDA Press guide linked above and offers a compact quick introduction to the functionality of teamwork with MAXQDA TeamCloud.

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