MAXQDA Account

In order to use the MAXQDA TeamCloud and AI Assist you need to create a free MAXQDA account (online). If you already have a TeamCloud account, can skip this step as it has been automatically converted to a MAXQDA account.

Create new MAXQDA account

If you don't have a MAXQDA Account (or TeamCLoud Account), you can create a new account at: and follow the instruction in the confirmation e-mail to confirm your account.

Log into to your MAXQDA account in MAXQDA

In order to download or upload data to the TeamCloud, and to activate AI Assist, you need to log into your MAXQDA account in MAXQDA.

You can find the sign in options in these locations within MAXQDA:

  • in the MAXQDA welcome screen in the Team Projects tab
  • in the TeamCloud ribbon menu
  • in the top right corner of MAXQDA
Sign in dialog in the MAXQDA welcome screen for logging in into MAXQDA TeamCloud

Log into MAXQDA account online

Log into your MAXQDA account online to manage settings, account, and license:

For more information about TeamCloud and licenses, see the TeamCloud Manual TeamCloud Manual. More information about activating AI Assist: What is AI Assist?.

Account Settings

You can access the settings by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner and selecting the Settings menu item.

Personal Information

In this section you can change your name or email address, and modify your avatar image


Here you can upload an image that will be displayed as your avatar.

E-Mail Preferences

If you are a Team Lead you can activate this option if you want to receive project-related emails for your TeamCloud projects. You will be notified if a member joins or leaves a project, and each time a team member uploads data that can be imported.

Password Management

Click Change Password to replace your current password with a new one. You will receive an email with a confirmation code in your inbox. Enter the confirmation code and the new password in the corresponding fields and click Change Password.

Delete Account

If you no longer want to use your MAXQDA account, you can delete it in this section.

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