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Our Journey So Far

“Everything began in the mid-eighties, a time when we were still working with the generation of so-called giant computers. Then, in the spring of 1989, the first version of MAX was released for the Personal Computer. We have released new and improved versions almost annually ever since.”
Prof. Dr. Udo Kuckartz, Creator of MAXQDA

We are VERBI Software, the company behind MAXQDA. Headquartered in Berlin, we are proud to serve and support thousands of researchers who use MAXQDA in more than 150 countries worldwide. MAXQDA is available at many of the world’s most prestigious universities and is employed by cutting-edge research institutions and market-leading corporations.

The product name “MAXQDA” begins with a nod to the German sociologist Max Weber and ends with the abbrevation QDA – which stands for Qualitative Data Analysis.

  • 2023

    AI Assist, your AI-powered research assistant, and MAXQDA 24 were launched. With automatic analysis and summaries, AI Assist enhances your research experience. MAXQDA 24 offers more than 35 new features, such as MAXQDA Transcription for automatic transcription. The user interface has been redesigned and the Trends Visualization Tool expanded.

  • 2022

    MAXQDA Stats, the stand-alone statistics module in MAXQDA Analytics Pro, was enhanced. It elevates mixed methods research with statistical analysis. It has never been that easy to connect qualitative and quantitative data.

  • 2021

    Release of MAXQDA 2022: 60 new features in a new fresh look – among them several innovative analysis tools, data import functionalities and MAXQDA TeamCloud.It contains everything you need to make your work even more effective, efficient and joyful.

  • 2019

    Release of MAXQDA 2020: Memo Manager, MAXMaps 3.0, redesigned Retrieved Segments Window, new literature review and transcript import capabilities, Document Map, data archiving, and many more.

    Free updates for MAXQDA 2018 add Word Clouds, Code Maps, YouTube comment import, and more.

  • 2018

    Release of MAXQDA 2018: comparing QUAL & QUANT groups, Paraphrases, Code Configuration, statistical Twitter analysis, and many more.

  • 2017

    Release of MAXQDA Analytics Pro: statistical data analysis is incorporated into MAXQDA.

  • 2015

    Release of MAXQDA 12: Focus Group Analysis, Creative Coding, Twitter data import, similarity matrix. First QDA software to have identical identical functionality on Windows and Mac.

  • Release of MAXQDA for Mac. MAXQDA is the first professional QDA available on native Mac Computers.

  • 2012

    Release of MAXQDA 11

  • 2010

    Release of MAXQDA 10

  • 2008

    Integration of Geo-References

  • 2007

    Release of MAXQDA 2007

  • 2005

    Release of MAXMaps: Mapping tool

  • 2004

    Release of MAXqda 2

  • 2003

    Release of MAXDictio: Quantitative Text Analysis tool

  • 2001

    Release of MAXqda

  • 1989

    Release of MAX: The first version of MAXQDA (for DOS Windows System)

Made by researchers, for researchers

MAXQDA has been developed, created, and distributed by researchers since the very beginning. Today, 30 years since it’s founding, VERBI Software is a multigenerational family-owned business driven with a passion for research methods, analysis methodologies, and modern software solutions. We develop and innovate MAXQDA’s features and functions with our fellow researchers in mind.

MAXQDA is specifically designed to be intuitive to users at every level of experience, flexible enough for every theoretical framework, and powerful enough for every research project goal. With that in mind, we also place great value on producing a wide variety of free learning materials available to every MAXQDA user, including an extensive and comprehensive Online Manual.

Pictured: Isabel Kuckartz, CEO (l.) & Anne Kuckartz, CEO (r.)

Core Company Values

We design and create reliable, easy-to-use and uniquely innovative software solutions that meet the highest standards of research. We offer first-class customer service and provide for a working environment in which all our team members are inspired to reach their utmost potential.

As an internationally operating company, we contribute to the cross-cultural exchange that takes place thanks to our interconnected world in a wide variety of research contexts. We seek to strengthen the potential for these exchanges through our support network, forums, and specialized teamwork functions in our software.

The development of our software has always been guided by the tradition and vision of qualitative research. Collaboration with the research community, continuous evaluation, and a sound understanding of the ongoing methods discourse are indispensable pillars of our business and development philosophy.

Curiosity is the engine that drives our endeavors. We actively set out to discover new potential for technological advances and innovations in research – and apply these both in our own work processes and in our software.

VERBI Software is a family business that has seen worldwide success across several generations. Through sustainable policies and controlled growth, we create long-term perspectives for our software, our customers, and for each individual team member. We are mindful of and careful with the earth’s resources.

We’re a team and we always treat each other and our customers with care and respect. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences are what make us strong – through them we are able to cultivate a company culture based on trust and communication.

We want every member of our team to enjoy their role at VERBI and we encourage everyone to have an engaged and curious mindset with enthusiasm for their work. Our culture of open communication and regular team events continue to promote our lively company spirit and a positive professional atmosphere.

Global Outreach

Having worked closely with some of the world's leading social researchers for almost three decades, we understand the value and importance of contributing to our global community. That's why we are committed to supporting local organizations like Junge Menschen für Afrika as well as multinationally represented NGOs such as AMREF Flying Doctors and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Junge Menschen für Afrika (Youth for Africa) is a Germany-based organization that focuses on building German-Rwandan friendships and conducts social engagement projects in Rwanda.

AMREF is one of Africa's leading health development organizations, bringing quality healthcare to vulnerable groups throughout the continent.

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) is a worldwide medical relief organization, represented in 28 different countries. We have supported MSF since 2012.

MAXQDA #ResearchforChange Grants is our annual grant program to support 3-4 students conducting research projects that aim to empower communities worldwide.

VERBI Software

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