MAXQDA License Overview

Each project is different – select the MAXQDA software license that fits your research project settings best.

MAXQDA is the only leading QDA software with identical program version for Windows & Mac. Project files are completely compatible. This means that if you are working in a team, each team member is free to work with the platform they prefer.

License Types

MAXQDA Licenses – Single User License
  • Single User License

  • The Single User License is a personal computer-based license, which can be used to install MAXQDA on two computers (Windows and/or Mac).

    The two installations may not be used simultaneously or by more than one individual.

  • Installation: Computers
    Up to 2 computers only

  • System: Windows and/or Mac
  • Purchase: Available from 1 license
  • Subscription: Available from 5 licenses
MAXQDA licenses – Network license
  • Network License

  • Our server-based license for teams (from 5 licenses upwards, with a central network admin) allows simultaneous use at the number of purchased licenses.

    The total number of computers on which the software can be installed is twice as high (floating use).

  • Installation: Windows Environment
    Special System Requirements

  • System: Windows and/or Mac clients
  • Purchase: Available from 5 licenses
  • Subscription: Available from 5 licenses
MAXQDA licenses – Portable license
  • Portable License

  • Our portable license for when you’re on the go! It’s fully functional, so you can analyze your data at home, at work, at the library or wherever you are.

    Install MAXQDA on a USB flash drive for a maximum of flexibility. Work on any Mac or Windows PC of your choice!

  • Installation: USB flash drive
    USB flash drive not included in purchase

  • System: Windows and/or Mac
  • Purchase: Available from 1 license
  • Subscription: Available from 5 licenses

For Educational Institutions

MAXQDA licenses - Course License
  • Course License

  • We support teachers who offer courses in research methods. Teachers at universities or schools may request a free MAXQDA Course License for each student in their class.

    Students can use MAXQDA on their own computers to work on course projects, gaining valuable practical experience in data analysis.

  • Installation: Students’ personal computers
    Available for course projects and assignments only

  • System: Windows and/or Mac
  • Free of charge for verified research methods courses
MAXQDA licenses - Course License
  • QDA Lab License

  • A customized license tailored specifically for teaching. Equip your institution’s computers (in classrooms or computer labs) with MAXQDA Standard or MAXQDA Analytics Pro and get your students working with professional software straight away.

    Students can use MAXQDA on devices provided by an institution to work on projects for classes.

  • Installation: Computers in classrooms or computer labs
    Available for teaching purposes only

  • System: Windows and/or Mac
  • We will provide you with an individual offer that suits your institution
MAXQDA licenses – University license / enterprise license
  • University / Enterprise License

  • A customized university license will make professional QDA software available to all students and staff members at your institution. Access is easily provided and administrated via a VPN connection.

    Contact us for an individual offer at or give us a call on +49 (0)30 5900 83360.

  • Installation: Windows environment
    Special System Requirements

  • System: Windows and/or Mac clients
  • We will provide you with an individual offer that suits your institution.

For Students / PhD Candidates

MAXQDA Student License
  • Don’t let a small budget limit your research. We support students and PhD candidates by offering a fully functional license for personal use at an affordable price.

  • Installation: 1 or 2 computers (depending on license option)

  • System: Windows and/or Mac
  • Available for studying purposes only.
    Verification of student status required.

Purchase Options

Annual Subscription
  • Annual Subscription
    (available from 5 licenses)

    Always includes the newest version

  • Our 365-day care-free package. This subscription lasts a full year and is available from 5 licenses. The subscription is renewed every year unless cancelled with 2 months notice.

    New Versions Included
    Upgrades to new versions within subscription cycles are included
    Premium Support
    Guaranteed response within 24 hours on business days
    Software Updates
    Updates and bugfixes included
One-Time Purchase
  • Perpetual License
    (available from 1 license)

    New versions available with upgrade discount

  • This one-time purchase lets you use MAXQDA for an unlimited time – the license never expires. One-time purchases include all the services listed here on our website.

    New Versions
    New versions available with discount for owners of one of the last two MAXQDA versions
    Regular Support
    Response within 1-3 business days
    Software Updates
    New updates included