AI Assist: Discover the exciting new MAXQDA add-on – now available for free!

License Types

Identical functionality, different styles of installation. For Windows and Mac.

Single User License

A personal MAXQDA license for individual users with up to 2 computers.


2 computers belonging to a single user. Installations may not be used simultaneously and only by that user.

Subscription / Perpetual

Starting at 1 license

Network License

MAXQDA license managed on a server for easy distribution in your network.


Simultaneous use by as many clients as seats purchased / access by double the number of clients as seats purchased.


Starting at 5 seats

Subscription or Perpetual?

365 carefree subscription including free version upgrades or one-time purchase of current version.


This one-time purchase MAXQDA license has an unlimited duration and never expires. Can be upgraded to new versions with a discount.


Always includes the latest version. Subscriptions last one year and renew automatically unless cancelled with 2 months notice.

New Version

Upgrades to new versions included

Not Included

May be purchased at a discount price


Response within 1 business day


Response within 1-3 business days

TeamCloud License

TeamCloud license can be purchased

Not available

TeamCloud license not available

Software Updates

Updates and bugfixed included


Updates and bugfixed included

Special License Offers for Educational Institutions

You help your students conduct excellent research – we provide the software.

University License

The Site License for your students and staff at your university.


Convenient access for students and staff using your institution’s network.

Subscription only:
Please contact us for an individual offer


Course License

Free license for students in methods courses.


Private computers of students taking part in methods courses.

Free of charge:
For verified research methods courses

Free Course License

Special License Offers for Students

Don’t let a low budget limit your research! We offer fully functional student licenses for personal use at an affordable price.

6 and 24 month options

Shop Student Licenses