Take your qualitative analysis to the next level.

Your all-in-one Mixed Methods Software

Use MAXQDA to manage your entire research project. Easily import data from texts, interviews, focus groups, PDFs, web pages, spreadsheets, articles, e-books, and even tweets and YouTube comments.

Enrich your research with quantitative data

MAXQDA is the mixed methods expert! With MAXQDA you can easily combine qualitative and quantitative methods to get an even deeper insight into your data. MAXQDA offers mixed methods tools, quantitative text analysis tools in MAXDictio, the add-on module of MAXQDA Plus, and statistical analysis in the Stats module of MAXQDA Analytics Pro.

Quantitize your qualitative coding information

Import and export quantitative data matrices to and from statistics software packages like SPSS. Turn your codes into variables for a statistical analysis, automatically or manually assign variables to your data, and export any part of your project to a spreadsheet. Analyze your answers to open-ended questions with powerful features and link them with MAXQDA Stats and MAXDictio with one single click.

Create and compare groups

With MAXQDA’s tools you can easily create and compare the code frequencies of various groups with each other or identify and quantify similarity or dissimilarity in code frequency across your data. Calculate various variables and their percentages for qualitative typologies. Especially useful for mixed methods research are MAXQDA’s joint displays that visualize integrated data and/or results.

Visualize your results

With the help of the Statistics module, MAXQDA can create stunning frequency tables and charts which indicate the frequency of subcodes. The colors and captions of your charts are editable, and the result can easily be exported and fits perfectly into your report or presentation.

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