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Create a Worksheet

Create new worksheet

To create a new worksheet in QTT, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the QTT workspace via Analysis > QTT: Questions – Themes – Theories in MAXQDA’s main menu.
  2. Click New Worksheet in the QTT window.
Create new worksheet

In the form that appears, enter a name for the worksheet at the top and record the topic and research questions to which the worksheet should relate:

Fill in name, topic, and research question for new worksheet

After clicking OK, the worksheet is created, and you can start inserting elements from your MAXQDA project into the worksheet:

Newly created worksheet in QTT with typical sections for a qualitative study.

Create, sort, customize sections

As the previous image shows, worksheets in QTT can be divided into individual parts. The following sections are available:

  • Related Codes & Themes
  • Important Segments
  • Summary Tables
  • Related Memos
  • Visuals
  • Concept Maps
  • Integration

When you create a new worksheet, all these sections are automatically inserted. The tab bar with the sections of the worksheet is interactive:

  • Click on a tab to switch to that section.
  • Drag-and-drop a section tab with the mouse to adjust the order of the sections.
  • To remove a section from the worksheet, right-click on the name of a tab and select the corresponding option.
Remove section via context menu
  • By clicking the + Add Section button, you can insert the sections you need:
Add section to a worksheet
Please note: Each section can exist only once per worksheet. Therefore, already existing sections are grayed out in the menu and are not clickable.

Rename or delete worksheet

To change the name of a worksheet, just click on the title and you will be able to edit it.

Rename worksheet

In the QTT menu you will find an option to delete the worksheet:

Rename worksheet

Switch between worksheets

Once you have created multiple worksheets, you can switch between them by clicking My Worksheets. The currently selected worksheet is always visible in the title bar at the top of the QTT window.

Switch between worksheets

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