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Assign a Color to a Document

You have the option of assigning a color to each of your documents. This color is then used in all tables and visualizations, including in MAXMaps. For example, you can use color attributes to indicate the processing status of a document or to make other features, such as the interviewer or the location, visible. Color attributes are also useful for organizing the assignment of documents to team members.

To assign a color, right-click on the document and select Color from the context menu that appears.

Choose a color in the context menu

Click on one of the standard colors and it will be displayed on the document symbol. Click on the icons to the right of the color circles to select your own colors.

Note: If you select MAXQDA's default color blue, no colored square will appear on the document icon.

MAXMaps, MAXQDA's tool for concept maps and modelling, also includes the color attributes of the documents: The document symbol is displayed in its color.

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