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Crosstab for Focus Groups

MAXQDA offers the feature to save background information on each focus group speaker in the form of variables. Suppose you have divided participants into two age groups: With the Crosstab for Focus Groups, you can easily compare the thematic coding for these two groups. The Crosstab for Focus Group works essentially the same way as the “normal” Crosstab: The codes form the rows and the groups of focus group speakers form the columns, while the respective code frequencies are presented in the cells.

You can find the Crosstab for Focus Groups feature in the Crosstab menu of the Mixed Methods tab. The following window appears, in which you can define the speaker groups.

Define speaker groups for the columns

Each line in the middle column of the window forms a column in the final crosstab.

Please note: In the crosstab, MAXQDA evaluates all participants that meet the conditions in the second column of the window - regardless of whether they come from one or more focus groups. You can restrict the evaluation to include only currently activated participants using the Only for activated focus group speakers option.

The final crosstab appears as follows:

Crosstab for focus groups

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