One word, multiple perspectives.

The Word Explorer

Search for a word or a phrase and explore them in an interactive dashboard. Find out where in your data the search items occurs and which other topics are mentioned close by.

Interactive Dashboard

In which documents does the word “friend” occur frequently and in which summaries and paraphrases? Which words frequently occur together with “friend” in a sentence? Explore how a word or phrase is used in your project data in a new dashboard with our new Word Explorer.

Word occurrences in selected documents

Find out in which documents the search term occurs most frequently and where the search hits occur in the document. For example, the search hits for the document “Tatjana” are mostly in the middle of the text, followed by a search hit in the last quarter.

Code frequency

With the word explorer you have the possibility to identify the codes that were most frequently assigned to text passages with search hits. The frequencies are visualized, so that differences between codes can be assessed easily.

Word combinations

Identify the most frequent 2- to 4-word combinations that contain the search term and explore the search hits in detail. With a stop word list, you can exclude all word combinations containing a word from the selected list.

Word Context

Find out which words the search item is most frequently combined with, and which words appear in a set number of words before and after the search item. Detect the most frequent words within a definable distance around the search hits. By default, the 5 words before the search hit and the 5 words after it are included and only words within the same sentence are considered.

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