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The Idea behind “Questions – Themes – Theories”

The "Questions – Themes – Theories" (QTT) workspace provides a bridge between your MAXQDA project and your research report.

QTT helps you focus on, or perhaps even begin to develop, your research questions. QTT can be compared to a scrapbook in which you collect everything related to a particular topic or research question, record questions, focus on themes and key categories, and formulate answers to the research questions.

The Questions – Themes – Theories window

The QTT is the ideal place to collect everything you come up with for a topic and make it easily accessible. It is like a super memo where  you can enter and synthesize findings, record conclusions, and develop theories.

In the QTT workspace, you can create a separate worksheet for each of your different topics or research questions and then fill it with associated analysis elements from MAXQDA, including:

  • related codes,
  • important coded segments,
  • related memos,
  • visualizations and concept maps,
  • Summary Tables.

Of course, you can export individual or all parts of a worksheet to the clipboard or the entire worksheet as a Word document.

Start the “Questions – Themes – Theories” workspace

  1. Switch to the Analysis menu tab of MAXQDA.
  2. Click on QTT: Questions – Themes – Theories.
Open Questions – Themes – Theories in the Analysis tab

The QTT workspace will then open in a separate window while the main MAXQDA window stays accessible in the background. In the workspace, you can create new worksheets and edit and export your existing worksheets.

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