Links in MAXQDA

MAXQDA distinguishes between four types of links:

  • Internal links represent a connection between two text, video, or image segments (e.g. to show the contrast between two interviewees’ responses to the same question, you could link them with each other). By using internal links, it is also possible to link a text passage in a memo to a passage in another memo or any document.
  • External links create a connection between a text or image segment and an external document (e.g. a picture, document, audio/video file, etc.) that is not part of the MAXQDA project.
  • Web links are connections between a text or image segment and a webpage. By clicking on this link, you can open the website in your standard browser.
  • Geolinks create a connection between a text or image segment and a place on the globe. This place is based on GPS coordinates and is shown in Google Earth or other similar programs.

Links can be set (and if necessary deleted) within the "Document Browser", within a memo, within the "Multimedia Browser" or in MAXMaps, the modeler of MAXQDA, which can be used to create interactive visual representations of data, concepts, and context models.

The four types of links are listed in a table view and visualized with various symbols in the “Overview of Links”.

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