Accessibility of a software is an important factor for its usability and user experience. Accessibility features ensure that all users, regardless of any disability or impairment, are able to access and use a software product. This chapter explains the accessibility features that are included in MAXQDA.

Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard accessibility in MAXQDA allows users to interact with MAXQDA using only their keyboard. Please reference the "Keyboard Shortcuts" to learn about MAXQDA's main shortcuts

Screen Reader Compatibility

Screen readers can assist users with visual impairments to access and use MAXQDA by reading out the text on the screen. Third-party screen reader software, such as NVDA or JAWS, can be adjusted to read out the menu functions and the texts analyzed. Please refer to your screen reader’s documentation for further instructions.

Color Contrast

MAXQDA offers a high color contrast dark mode to improve readability of the interface for users with visual impairments.


On a Windows computer, you can use the Alt key to access the main menu ribbon. Within the menu ribbon you can navigate with your keyboard.

On a Mac computer, you can use Ctrl+F2 to access the menu bar. Within the menu ribbon you can navigate with your keyboard.


For more information on your operating system accessibility features, please refer to your operating systems accessibility documentation:


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