Transfer the “Code System” to Other Project

It is possible to export an entire "Code System" and import it into another MAXQDA project file. This function is especially useful as it allows you to build a “Code System” in one project, then apply it to another. In this case, importing and exporting the “Code System” eliminates the need to enter new codes.

To export your "Code System", go to the Codes menu and select Export Code System > MAXQDA Format.

The “Code System” will be converted into a specific file format with the extension MTR24. You can then import the “Code System” into a new MAXQDA 24 project with the corresponding procedure Import Code System.

Please note: MAXQDA can also export and import the cross-software QDC format (REFI QDA Codebook). You can select this format in the drop-down menu when clicking on Export Code System in the Codes menu tab.

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