Free Memos

Free memos are neither directly assigned to a position in the data nor to a document or code. They are, so to speak, free-floating and are suitable, for example, for recording general notes on the research project, thoughts on the development of an object-related theory, or ideas for analysis.

It is possible to create a new free memo in different places:

  • Main window of MAXQDA: click on New Free Memo in the Memos tab.
  • Memo Manager: click on New Free Memo in the Start tab.
  • "Overview of Memos": click on the New Free Memo icon in the toolbar.

The memo window for free memos is identical to all other memos in MAXQDA.

To access your free memos later, you also have various options at your disposal:

  • By clicking on the Free Memos icon in the Memos tab, all free memos of the project are opened in the Memo Manager, where you can conveniently view, manage, edit, merge, or differentiate between the free memos.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Memos tab to call up the “Overview of Memos” table with all memos of the project, which also contains all free memos.

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