The MAXQDA Account

You need a free MAXQDA account in order to use our AI Assist and automated-transcription tool, MAXQDA Transcription, as well as to collaborate on projects using TeamCloud. If you have created TeamCloud account in the past, it has automatically been converted into a MAXQDA account, so no need to worry about this step.

Create a new MAXQDA account

To create your account visit this webpage and follow the prompt to confirm your account by clicking the link in the confirmation email.

Log into to your MAXQDA account within MAXQDA

You need to log into your MAXQDA Account within MAXQDA to be able collaborate on projects using TeamCloud, MAXQDA Transcription and/or to activate AI Assist.

To sign in, navigate to MAXQDA's top right corner and click on the "sign in" icon, pirctured below:

TeamCloud sign-in options within MAXQDA

Log in to your MAXQDA account online

You can also log into your MAXQDA account online. There, you can manage your account settings, collaborative projects, and TeamCloud license.

Specifically, when loggin in through the web, you can manage your TeamCloud license, TeamCloud projects and members, and use the MAXQDA Transcription add-on.

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