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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Praveen Chhikara

Language(s)English, Hindi
LocationUrbana, Illinois, USA
RadiusUnited States


  • Starter Workshop

Method Workshops

  • QualitativeEvaluation
  • Visual Tools
Methodological Expertise
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Straussian and Constructive Grounded Theory
Consulting Services
  • Classes for groups of research students
  • Workshops for beginners

I am a researcher in mathematics education. I have used MAXQDA in two research projects. I have been invited by course instructors to present on how one might use MAXQDA. I use many MAXQDA tools in my research and know how to use Memo effectively and how Summary Tables can help one in merging/deleting codes and constant comparison analysis. Next, Code Maps have been super helpful for me, not even showing the categorization of codes in the past but even how to “verify” my manual coding. I use the Retrieve Segment tool to compile data and found it helpful because it can retrieve data category-wise. A crucial thing is how I use Summary Table and Summary Grid to come to the results. I have used MAXMaps while presenting my analysis. I have demonstrated how to use MAXQDA tool in a course at my university.


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