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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Liudmila Zaichenko

Language(s)English, Russian
LocationTallinn, Estonia


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Methodological Expertise
  • General Qualitative Methodology
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I am a big fan of qualitative research methodology and am teaching my own course on qualitative research methods. However, I fully recognize its wonderful complementary function in the Mixed Methods design and I am always happy to contribute my part in any mixed methods study with a particularly qualitative strand if it is methodologically sound. I offer training on all types (approaches) of qualitative research methodology and assume MAXQDA to be excellent for each type. I admit that any software which we use directs our epistemology and eventually constructs our meaning-making in coding and thematic analysis. I find it valuable to know it in advance for each student who steps into the MAXQDA journey.        


At the moment I am doing my PhD in sociology of education entirely with the application of MAXQDA. I have studied MAXQDA from scratch myself and made all range of operations in this program pertaining to the qualitative data analysis: transcriptions, coding (all strategies: in-vivo, theoretically-informed, open coding), visualization (Case Models, Codes Models, Clustering in MaxMaps), additionally, other analytical exercises, which may deepen my vision of own data (cross-tabs, complex coding query, comparing cases and groups; working with code configurations, code frequencies, code coverage). My PhD research is built entirely on the wonderful MAXQDA profile and I may teach how to use it both for the long-term (thesis) and short-term (scientific papers) goals. 



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