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Trainer coordinator Dr. Aikokul Maksutova explains the MAXQDA Professional Trainer network and the benefits that come with it.

Program outline

The Professional MAXQDA Trainer Program is designed for experienced MAXQDA users who have mastered at least basic functions of MAXQDA and enjoy teaching others how to use MAXQDA in their projects.

  • Duration: 1 year (with possibility to extend the trainer membership for another year)
  • Start: applications are accepted on a rolling basis
  • Fees: free of charge
  • Your role as a trainer: Being part of the Professional Trainer Program carries no obligation in itself. As a trainer you are free to decide when, where and which type of training services you would like to offer to MAXQDA users. But in order to extend your membership for another year, we expect you to to deliver at least 2 training units within a year and report annually on your trainer activities

VERBI’s role: VERBI Software GmbH (MAXQDA) is not involved in, or takes no responsibility for any kind of payment, salary, quotation, or sending of invoices for any workshops. The Professional MAXQDA Trainer Program acts as a liaison between MAXQDA users who need technical and methodological guidance and MAXQDA Trainers who have the necessary expertise.

Associated Benefits

Professional MAXQDA Trainers have the following advantages:

Free License

A free one-year license for MAXQDA Analytics Pro after one year of active membership

Discount codes

Access to 20% purchase discount for participants of your self-organized workshops

Workshop Licenses

Free licenses for participants for the duration of your workshops, webinars and trainings

Trainer Portal

Access to our trainer portal, which provides valuable video resources, workshop presentations, guides, research examples, promotion tips and many more useful trainer resources

VIP customer service

VIP customer service for the MAXQDA Technical Support

Trainer Profile

A trainer profile on the VERBI website

Advertisement of private workshops

Opportunity to advertise privately organized workshops and webinars on the VERBI website, social networks and various newletters

Network with other professionals

Opportunity to network with other MAXQDA professionals, share expertise, and collaborate with peers during exclusive MAXQDA events like MQIC, MAXDAYS, Methodentag, etc.



To become a registered Professional MAXQDA Trainer, the candidates must fulfill the following requirements:
  • A graduate degree: to demonstrate experience in conducting research. A Master’s degree is sufficient.
  • Expertise in MAXQDA’s basic functions (at least)
  • Experience of conducted at least one research project using MAXQDA
  • Speaking English or German for communication with our team
  • Being communicative and enjoying teaching
  • Ability to conduct at least 2 training units within a year
  • Consent to receive the regular MAXQDA Trainer Newsletter is required for participation in this program.


1. Online Application

Fill out the online application form and attach all the necessary documents indicated in the application form.

2. Interview

The program admissions team reviews your application and invites you to an online interview if you match the program requirements.

3. MAXQDA Trainer

After succesful application we activate your trainer profile on the VERBI website and you receive all associated benefits.

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