MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Dr. Eugenio De Gregorio

Language(s)English, Italian
LocationGenova, Italy
  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshop
  • Visualizations (Method Focus)
  • Thematic analysis (Method Focus)
  • Thematic field analysis (Method Focus)
  • Mixed methods (Method Focus)
  • MaxMaps (Method Focus)
  • Ethnography (Method Focus)
  • Groundes theory (constructionist approach) (Method focus)
Methodological Expertise

Thematic analysis, Thematic field analysis, Mixed Methods, Grounded theory (constructionist approach)

Consulting Services

Social psychology, Social psychology and Law, Criminology, Community psychology, Consulting Research Groups in Social Resear


I have been a MAXQDA-Trainer since 2006 and have given more than 20 workshops. I hold a PhD in social psychology and have used MAXQDA for analyzing qualitative interviews based on thematic analysis.

I regularly offer methodological courses in the field of social research and have developed a strong interest in Mixed Method approaches, which I am happy to share in my workshops or to apply as a consulting service for interested research groups.

I held training courses in academic and governmental contexts.

Relevant Publications

Tagliafico I., De Gregorio E. e Verde A. (2014), Il pensiero di gruppo dei minori devianti: un’analisi quali-quantitativa dei verbali delle sedute di una terapia di gruppo di minori inseriti in un centro diurno. Rassegna Italiana di Criminologia, 1, pp. 76-89.

De Gregorio E., Gallon M. e Verde A. (2014), Troubled groups in situation: qualitative analysis of psychotherapeutic sessions with deviant adolescents, Quality & Quantity, 48 (6), 3013-3024 DOI: 10.1007/s11135-013-9937-y

De Gregorio, E. / Bastianoni, C. / Mora, S. C. / Bizzi, F. (2020): Exploring adopted adolescents’ inner world through the lens of qualitative methodology. In: Children and Youth Services Review 113 (2020).

De Gregorio, E. / Tiberio, L. / Biresselioglu, M. E. / Demir, M. H. / Panno, A. / Carrus, G. (2020): Psychological Processes and Institutional Actors in the Sustainable Energy Transition: A Case-Study Analysis of a Local Community in Italy. In: Frontiers in Psychology, May 2020.


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