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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Dr. Leandro Mahalem de Lima

Language(s)English, French, Portuguese (Brasil)
LocationSao Paulo, Brazil

Standard Workshops

  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops

Method-Focused Workshops

  • Visualizations
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Mixed Methods

Other types of workshops:

  • Ethnographic Methods and Techniques (Basic, Specialized)
Methodological Expertise
  • Research Design
  • Text Analysis
  • Interview Analysis
  • Qualitative evaluation
  • Mapping and Visualization
  • Kinship and Network Analysis
  • Elicitation Techniques
  • Spatial Data Mapping
  • Comparative Approaches
  • Archival and Primary Data Analysis.
Consulting Services
  • Individual Sessions and Group Classes;
  • Consulting for Research Groups;
  • Third Sector and Business Sector;
  • Project Writing; Monitoring and Evaluation.

I hold a PhD in Social Anthropology (2015) from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil). I began using MAXQDA in 2015, on a cross-cultural project about models of nature and climate change perceptions, on which ethnographers working in several continents agreed to explore a blended set of qualitative and quantitative strategies. My contribution focused indigenous dwellers in the Amazon River adjacencies, among which I have been conducting ethnographic research since 2008. I used MAXQDA to analyze a set a 15 free-lists and 18 interviews at the word-, sentence-, and discourse-levels, combining word frequency, semantic role, causal relations, and reasoning analysis.

Since 2015, I have been testing and broadening my skills on the many functions and tools provided by MAXQDA. I also have experience with other software for Network Analysis, Visualization, and Mapping.

Relevant Publications

De Lima, L. M. “‘Plants are cooking under the soil’: food production, models of nature and perceptions of climate change among indigenous peasants in Amazonia, Brazil”. In: Bennardo, G. (Ed.). Cultural Models of Nature: Primary Food Producers and Climate Change. New York: Routledge, 2019. - coming soon

De Lima, Leandro Mahalem. “Analyzing and Mapping Word Frequencies in Interviews using MAXQDA 2018”. MAXQDA Research Blog, 2019

De Lima, Leandro Mahalem. “Mapping Climate Change Perceptions with MAXQDA 2018”. MAXQDA Research Blog, 2019.

Phone+55 11 99368 5711

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