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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Matthew Humphrey Loxton

LocationWashington CD; Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Starter Workshop
  • Process Improvement (Method Focus)
  • Knowledge Management (Method Focus)
  • Risk Management (Method Focus)
  • Qualitative Evaluation (Method Focus)
  • Mixed Methods (Method Focus)
Methodological Expertise

Process Improvement, Root cause analysis, Qualitative Evaluation, Content Analysis, Online Research

Consulting Services

Process Improvement, Risk Management, Knowledge Management


I am a Senior Healthcare Analyst with WBB Inc, performing process improvement (PI), quality improvement (QI), and measurement & evaluation (M&E) engagements with healthcare systems and medical facilities.

I use a mixture of Knowledge Management and Lean Six Sigma to improve Health IT deployment and administrative and clinical workflow, and combine qualitative and quantitative methods to derive lessons that can be used to replicate effective practices and avoid pitfalls.

I hold a masters degree in Knowledge Management from the university of Canberra

I use tools MAXQDA, R, RapidMiner, ProM, and Disco to shift data across the spectrum from raw qualitative input, through categorization, to quantification of risk and opportunity.

Relevant Publications

Loxton, Matthew: Knowledge Auditing: An Activity-Based Method for Organisational Success, Paperback, 2013.

Loxton, Matthew: An Experience-Based Knowledge Management Approach to Healthcare Quality Improvement, WBB, November 2015:

Loxton, Matthew: Integration of Lean Principles and Knowledge Management for Healthcare Quality Improvement, WBB, January 2015:

Loxton, Matthew: Integrating Lessons Learned Processes for Improved Clinical Outcomes, WBB, February 2015:

Loxton, Matthew: Three Cardinal Sins of Clinical Workflow and Health IT Integration, WBB, January 2015:

Loxton, Matthew: Process Discovery in Healthcare Quality Improvement, WBB, May 2015:

Loxton, Matthew: Healthcare industry: Lessons learned with MAXQDA, MAXQDA Blog, May 2015:


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