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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Ahmet Yaman

Language(s)English, French, Turkish
LocationMersin, Turkey


  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops

Method Focus

  • Visual Tools
  • Mixed Methods
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Audio-Video Analysis
Methodological Expertise
  • Qualitative Method
  • Mixed Methods and Techniques
  • Data Analysis
Consulting Services

Consulting for Research Groups in Social Science-Based Research and National-International Social and Economic Projects


As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Local Governments, Urban and Environmental Policies, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Tarsus University, Turkey, I am actively involved in academia. In addition, I am pursuing my PhD in the Applied Sociology Department at Mersin University, Turkey. Since 2021, I have been responsible for teaching Scientific Research Techniques and Publications Ethics within the Political Science and Public Administration graduate program at Tarsus University.

This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the social aspects of thinking and writing about social science within a defined framework. It covers a wide range of topics, including the methodology of social phenomena, hypothesis development, data acquisition and analysis, and the utilization of qualitative research software programs like MAXQDA. Moreover, I am also involved in teaching the course "Applied Social Science Methodology" for MA and PhD students. This course is focused on equipping students with the necessary skills to effectively employ and analyze qualitative research based on real-project cases using MAXQDA.

Throughout my career, I have conducted over 20 courses and 10 workshops that explore various aspects of MAXQDA, such as "Getting Started with MAXQDA," "Visualization of Data with MAXQDA," and "Training the Coding Process." These initiatives have provided participants with hands-on experience and valuable insights into maximizing the potential of MAXQDA for their research endeavors.

I am a Post-Doc and visiting researcher at the Centre for Innovation Research (CIRCLE), Lund University, having been awarded a grant by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). I have conducted a project titled "Data Management Research and Model Suggestion in Urban Economics Structure Analysis," which is supported by TUBITAK as part of a postdoctoral fellowship. The research is being carried out in collaboration between the Centre for Innovation Research (CIRCLE) at Lund University and Tarsus University's Urban Analytics Lab.

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Relevant Publications

ALICI O, V, YAMAN A (2023). The Practice of Rural Neighborhood-Rural Settlement in Metropolitan Municipalities and A Model Proposal. Amme Idaresi Dergisi, 56(1), 31-60.

YAMAN A (2023). Local and International Organizations' Co-operation for Urban Migration Policy and Urban Economics: The Case of Information Centres (BILMER). The Journal of Academic Social Science Studies, 16(94), 323-338., Doi: 10.29228/JASSS.68046

YAMAN A (2023). As An Urban Public Policy Analysis: The Relation Between Vocational Education and Training (Vet) And Municipalities. Enderun Dergisi(1), 1-17.

YAMAN A (2022). The Political Economy of the Production and Consumption Process of Bread, the Staple Food of the City. Idealkent, 13(35), 252-279., Doi: 10.31198/idealkent.960174

YAMAN A (2022). Analysis of Municipal Policies and Implementations Tools (Repertoire) During Epidemic Period, Çağdaş Yerel Yönetimler Dergisi, 31(1), 35-66.

YAMAN A (2022). Analysis of Urban Policy Implements (Repertoire) in the Management of Urban Poverty: The Case of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. The Journal of Academic Social Sciences, 126, 1-19., Doi: 10.29228/ASOS.57563


  • Implementation of the Micro-Enterprise Support Programme and Capacity Building of Mersin Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen within the ILO project "Promoting Decent Work for Syrians Under Temporary Protection and Turkish Citizens" - BILMER Project Coordinator of Mersin Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Second Phase, 2023 – Ongoing.
  • European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), CA21118 - Platform Work Inclusion Living Lab (P-WILL) Project, WG2: 2. Organisational and platform work models, WG3: Digital technologies and data models, 2023 – Ongoing.
  • Data Management Research and Model Suggestion in Urban Economics Structure Analysis, Tarsus Urban Analytics Lab, Coordinator, Supported by Mersin Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen and Mersin Chamber of Trade and Industry, Tarsus, Turkey, 2022 – Ongoing.
  • Improving the Employment Prospects for Syrian Refugees and Host Communities by Providing High-Quality VET and Apprenticeship in Turkey, European Union Facility for Refugees in Turkey, Beneficiary Institutions: Ministry of National Education (MoNE) Directorate General of Vocational Education and Training, Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK), affiliated unions and chambers, Project Coordinator of Mersin Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, 2020 – Ongoing.
  • Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK) & UNICEF, Technical Assistance for the Support for Children's Rights in Turkey, Phase I and II, Project Coordinator of Mersin Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, 2019-2020.
Phone+ 90 533 621 37 32

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