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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Abiodun Isaac AGUNBIADE

LocationLagos, Nigeria, West-Africa
RadiusAfrica, Worldwide upon request

Standard Workshops

  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops

Method-Focused Workshops

  • Visualizations
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Mixed Methods
  • Audio-Video Analysis

Other types of workshops

  • Literature Reviews
  • Content Analysis
Methodological Expertise
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Qualitative Research Design
  • Mixed-Method Design
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • In-Depth Interview
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Designing Interview Guide and Questionnaire
  • Transcription
  • Intercoder Agreement
Consulting Services

Consulting for individual, group and Institutional researchers.


I hold a Master’s degree in Measurement and Evaluation and am currently a PhD student studying Research and Evaluation. I teach the use of software for the analysis of qualitative data. From my experience in using MAXQDA for training, I can say that the software is user-friendly and provides an opportunity to add so much beauty to the reports generated from the analysis of qualitative data. I have analyzed qualitative data with the use of MAXQDA. I have delivered reports with word frequency, content analysis, mind maps, cloud, word cloud, and crosstab, among others.  It is a must for qualitative researchers to learn and use.


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