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Certified MAXQDA Trainer:
Prof. Dr. Eder Junior Alves

Language(s)Portuguese (Brasil), Spanish
LocationBelo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
RadiusBrasil, Latin America, Europe, Africa


  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops

Method Workshops

  • Mixed Methods (Advanced)
  • Teamwork and project sharing on MAXQDA TeamCloud (Advanced)
Methodological Expertise
  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Content Analysis
  • Case Study
  • Online Research
Consulting Services

Consulting in Project Management of Research can be provided face to face or online.


This year I became MAXQDA Certified Trainer. I've been working with the MAXQDA software since 2015 and in that period, I've given many face-to-face workshops and countless webinars.

I have provided occasional training and online support in data analysis software for over 30 years, including for conducting scientific research.

In 2018 I completed a PhD in applied social sciences at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, as a researcher I used MAXQDA and worked on several successive research projects after that.

I believe that MAXQDA is the best software to work on data analysis in academic research projects.

Relevant Publications

Alves, E.J. and Gonçalves, C.A. (2022), "Agile project portfolio management as a strategic enabler in the Brazilian marketplace: five case studies and one substantive theory", International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Alves, E. J. (2015). Inovação em organizações produtoras de software. Saarbrücken: Novas Edições Acadêmicas.

Alves, E. J., & Cavalcanti, W. M. (2018). Interveniências Sobre a Temática Físico-Cibernética em Tempos de Indústria 4.0. In Anais do VI Simpósio de Engenharia de Produção - SIMEP 2018. Salvador, Brasil. Retrieved from https//

Alves, E. J., & Gonçalves, C. A. (2017). Qualitative Comparative Analysis as Research Method in Business Administration: A Systematic Literature Review. Métodos e Pesquisa Em Administração, 2(2), 4–18.

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Phone+55 31 99415 9933

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