MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Carol Geraldine Pablo

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Methodological Expertise

Qualitative Evaluation

Consulting Services

Consulting for research groups in social-science based studies


I have a Masters in Pharmacy degree and am presently taking my Ph.D. I have been using MAXQDA for the last two years in my social health researches.  I am currently facilitating MAXDA in my thesis class and other thesis groups performing qualitative research. I am looking forward to promoting MAXQDA to encourage more qualitative theses in other departments.
I aim to support fellow Pharmacy researchers and students in providing equitable resources, mentorship, and practice that qualitative analysts require to succeed.

Relevant Publications

Cruz, A., Ebdani, JM L., Marcelo C.T., et al. ( 2019) Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Medication Disposal of Registered Pharmacists in an Academic Institution. Journal of Social Health 2:1 pp. 84-100


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