MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
David R. Squires

LocationTexas, USA
RadiusUSA / Texas
  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshop
  • Mixed Methods (Method Focus)
Methodological Expertise

Qualitative Evaluation, Content Analysis, Online Research, Quantitative Data collection, Mixed Methods

Consulting Services

Research Triangulation, Data Collection, and Analysis


I hold a Doctoral degree in Learning, Design, & Technology. I regularly use MAXQDA in my academic research to analyze and code qualitative and quantitive data sets. I teach graduate methodological courses in applied research and I also teach graduate instructional design, and technology courses. I have developed a strong interest in Mixed-Method approaches to online learning and mobile application and Augmented Reality immersive learning data collection, which I am happy to share in my workshops or to apply as a consulting service for interested research groups.

Relevant Publications

Squires, D. (2018). Bridging the Learning Gap - Augmented Reality's Impact on Associative Information Processing, Cognitive Load, & Working Memory: A Mixed-Methods Research Study. Journal of Educational Technology.

Forthcoming Article in 2019: Instructional Designs and Educational Technologies within Augmented Reality Storytelling: IDET ARTS


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