MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Morteza Ranjbar

LocationShiraz and Tehran, Iran
RadiusIran, Persian speaking countries

Starter Workshop
Advanced Workshop
Audio-Video Analysis
Data Visualizations
Focus Group
Grounded Theory
Literature Review and Bibliometrics
Mixed methods
Narrative Analysis
Open Ended Questions in Online Surveys
Qualitative Evaluation
Qualitative Research Design
Team-based analysis
Thematic field analysis
Theory building

Methodological Expertise

Content analysis for documents, Dialogical interaction analysis, Ethnographic analysis, Interview Analysis, Focus groups, lexical analysis, Literature review, Mixed methods, Narrative analysis, Online Researches, Qualitative analysis, Quantitative content analysis, Social Network Analysis (Twitter), Systematic reviews, Thematic analysis

Consulting Services

Consulting for research groups, institutions and individuals, Individual classes, Research Design, Social research, Personal coaching, Conduction of analyses, Teaching, Workshops


I have a master's (EMBA) and currently work in the areas of content- and media analysis. I first learned at 2017 that how to use MAXQDA. I also used MAXQDA for my thesis where I drew on its mixed methods and various other functions to complete my degree. I regularly offer methodological courses in the field of qualitative research. I have used the software on several projects and I regularly teach methodological courses in the field of social research. I have experience in using MAXQDA for a range of types of projects, across academic disciplines, and in applied, government and commercial contexts. My training focusses on harnessing MAXQDA powerfully, whatever your data and methodology and I share with workshop participants examples from my own research using MAXQDA to illustrate the range of ways the software can be used. I am happy to share in my workshops or to apply as a consulting service for interested research groups.

Relevant Publications

Morteza Ranjbar, 'Investigation of the Pathology and Robust Strategies on Tourism Development Management in IAU Branches', Master's, IAU Yasooj, Yasooj, Iran, May 26, 2018

Ranjbar, M. and Y. Ansari, 2018, Investigation of the Pathology and Robust Strategies on Tourism Development Management in IAU Branches, 2nd International Conference on Management and Business, Faculty of Economics, Management and Business, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

Shams, G., Ranjbar, M. Conductivity Fluctuation and Some Parameters of High temperature Superconductor Polycrystalline Y1Ba2Cu3O7−δ doped with Silver Nanoparticles. Braz J Phys 49, 808–819 (2019).

Shams, G., Mahmoodinezhad, A. & Ranjbar, M. Magnetic Levitation and Some Mechanism of YBa2Cu3O7-δ Superconductor Doped with Nano-sized Al2O3 . Iran J Sci Technol Trans Sci 42, 2337–2343 (2018).

Ranjbar, M., Ansari, Y. (2018). Investigation of Robust Strategies for Tourism Development Management in Islamic Azad University. Journal of Planning and Sustainable Development, 1(1), 161-192.


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