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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Kriti Singh

LocationNew Delhi, India

Standard Workshops

  • Starter Workshop

Method-Focused Workshops

  • Visualizations
  • Qualitative Evaluation
  • Audio-Video Analysis
Methodological Expertise
  • Qualitative research
  • Grounded Theory
  • Content Analysis
  • Interview analysis
Consulting Services

Consulting for Research Groups in Social Science-based Research, or Individual Classes with special reference to Grounded Theory.


I am an Assistant Professor in Communication studies and researcher in qualitative evaluation.  

Relevant Publications

Singh, K. A. (2019). Turning Point In The Indian Media-Military Relationship: The Kargil WarInternational Journal of Communication and Media Studies (IJCMS),9(4), 31-40. doi:10.24247/ijcmsaug20194


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