MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Prof. Pamela Felder

LocationPrincess Anne, Maryland, USA
RadiusUSA, Europe, Africa
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Methodological Expertise

The five traditions of qualitative research: Biography, Ethnography, Case Study, Phenomenology and Grounded Theory

Consulting Services

Consulting research groups in the social sciences with an emphasis on higher education research.


I have used MAXQDA to conduct my primary research that focuses on the racial and cultural experiences associated with doctoral student socialization.  I‘m committed to enhancing models of doctoral student socialization by focusing on the belief systems and behaviors of doctoral degree completers. I believe that an understanding of the doctorate has tremendous implications for learning and/or addressing many areas of higher education historically viewed as problematic. The foremost concern in my research is the discussion of inequity in access in postsecondary education. I examine the statistical trends and qualitative aspects of doctoral student socialization to explore pre-doctoral and post-doctoral degree experiences to understand the disciplinary experiences of emerging scholars as they transition into their professions.

Relevant Publications

Phone+1 215-203-2945

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