MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Prof. Lory Janelle Dance

LocationLincoln, Nebraska; Malmö, Lund, Sweden
RadiusUnited States, Scandinavia
  • Starter Workshop
  • Ethnography (Critical & Conventional) (Methodological Focus)
  • Discourse Analysis (Methodological Focus)
  • Participant Action Research (Methodological Focus)
  • Portraiture (Methodological Focus)
  • Grounded Theory (Methodological Focus)
Methodological Expertise

Methodologies: Ethnography (Critical & Conventional), Discourse Analysis, Participant Action Research, Portraiture, Grounded Theory, Archival Research, Life History

Methods: In-Depth Interviews, Field Observations, Participant Observation, Focus Groups, Unobtrusive Observations, Surveys designed from qualitative data, Video Journals, Intergroup Dialogue, Triangulation of Qualitative Methods

Consulting Services

Consulting Research Groups in Ethnographic Approaches for working with marginalized and/or underrepresented groups.


I am relatively new to MAXQDA. As an Associate Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies, I have been using computer assisted qualitative data analysis programs since my graduate school years at Harvard in the 1990s. During that time, Harvard computer specialists designed a program specifically for my dissertation research. Once I became a professor, I used other qualitative data analysis programs; none were as useful as the program designed at Harvard. Then, in 2012, I was introduced to MAXQDA and it is the first qualitative data analysis program that fits my needs. I am using MAXQDA to finish data analyses for two book projects based upon a triangulation of qualitative methods. I look forward to sharing my expertise with others.

Relevant Publications

Dance, L.J., R. Guitiérrez,  and M. Hermes“ (2010). More Like Jazz Than Classical: Reciprocal Interactions Among Educational Researchers and Respondents,” Harvard Educational Review, Volume 8, No. 3, Fall 2010.

 Dance, L.J. and J. Lunneblad (2011).“Bush, Volvos, and '50 Cent': The Cross-National Triangulation Challenges of a 'White' Swede and a 'Black' American,” chapter for Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods, edited by John H. Stanfield, II.,  Left Coast Press, 2011.


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