MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Cameka Woods

LocationTennessee, USA
  • Starter Workshop
  • Method Workshop

Methods Focus:

  • Audio/Video Analysis
  • Mixed Methods
  • Visual Tools
Methodological Expertise

Interview Analysis, Audio/Video Analysis, Mixed Methods, Visual Tools, Codebook Development, and Inter-Coder Agreement.

Consulting Services

Consulting for research teams and individuals in multiple disciplines both in-person and remote.


I am a research associate with MAXQDA training and have experience in qualitative research methodology. I hold an MBA and I have been using MAXQDA on a daily basis for research projects since 2018. I have used MAXQDA for professional projects to analyze audio recordings of disease reevaluation discussions between patients and oncologists, and focus group interviews on integrating palliative care. I have conducted trainings and webinars for professional staff and students within a healthcare setting on various MAXQDA functions and features, such as coding audio recordings and transcripts, importing files, memos, transcribing, teamworking, merging projects, creating word clouds, code configurations, code frequencies and much more. I enjoy training others on MAXQDA and sharing the range and ways the software can be used to enhance projects.

Relevant Publications

Kaye, EC., Stalls, M. and Woods, C., Velrajan, S., Gattas, M., Lemmon, M., Baker, JN., Mack, JW.,"Prognostic communication between oncologist and parents of children with advanced cancer." American Academy of Pediatrics. 2021 Jun; 147(6): e2020044503.


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