Linking Memo Content with Content in Documents

In MAXQDA you can link two text, image or memo segments to each other with internal links. A click on the link at one position then jumps to the other position. The two linked segments can be in the same document/memo or in two different documents/memos.

To insert a link into a memo:

  1. Select the text passage in the memo that you want to link.
  2. Right-click on the marking and select Insert Internal Link (Anchor/Target) from the context menu. If the memo is open in the Memo Manager, you can alternatively click on the icon of the same name in the Format tab.
  3. Select the target segment in a document or memo and repeat the process.
Inserting an internal link in a memo

Existing links in a memo are displayed in blue and underlined text. A click on the link will take you to the linked destination - and vice versa. If you hover the mouse pointer over the link, a preview of the target is displayed.

Preview of an internal link in a memo

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