Convert Memos into Documents

Since memos are used to assist in the development of ideas and hypotheses, it could happen that they quickly become very important to your analysis. In some cases, these memos may be important enough that you wish to convert them into documents, so they can be analyzed and coded. It is only possible to associate an entire memo with codes, while every single character of a document can theoretically be coded as many times as needed.

To convert a memo into a document, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Overview of Memos by selecting Overview of Memos in the Reports tab
  2. Right-click on the memo to be transformed
  3. Select Convert to a document

The newly-created document will now be listed as the first document in the “Document System”. The first lines of the document are the former memo’s title, author, and creation date.

Tip: The function is also available in the context menu of any memo symbol. Right-click on a memo icon in MAXQDA and choose Convert to a document to transform the memo into a document in the "Document System".

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