Display Coded Segments in the Document Browser

As soon as you have coded a document or image segment, a coding stripe appears in the gray area next to the document in the “Document Browser”. Those visualizations are called "coding stripes". Those "coding stripes" indicate where the document has been coded. The standard is, that this visualization appears to the left of the document. To place the "coding stripe" to the right of the document, you can select "display coding stripes on the right" in the local settings. To view the local settings, click on the gear next to the magnifying glass. The column for the coding stripes can be made bigger or smaller by clicking on the separator between the column headers and dragging to the right or left.

Visualization of coding stripes on the left side of the Document Browser

You can also choose whether code names should be permanently shown in the coding stripe column or not. By right-clicking in the gray area of the column in the document browser, you will call up a window with various setting options. One of those options is to Display code names.

You will always be able to see the code name in the tooltip that appears if you hover your mouse over the "coding stripe". The tooltip also shows you the assigned weight, the author of the coded segment, the date that the segment was coded, and the last time it was edited.

Tooltip appearing from the coding stripe

This tooltip always displays the complete code name, with all its possibly existing "parent codes". The permanent display next to the "coding stripe" is limited to the lowest code level. In other words, the coding "Interests\Day-to-Day Issues" only "Day-to-Day Issues" is displayed. The subcode can be idientified by the two preceeding dots.

If there are many coded segments, that overlap each other, it can also be difficult to figure out exactly which codename belongs to which "coding stripe". This can be immediately identified when you move the mouse over a "coding stripe", at which moment the code name will appear brighter and the code assignment will be displayed.

Coding stripe column visualization options

By right-clicking on an empty grey space in the "coding stripe" column, you can call up a window with various settings for the visualization of coded segments in the coding stripe column:

Option menu for the visualization of coding stripes

Here you can adjust the following settings:

  • You can choose to only visualize activated codes.
  • You can choose to visualize coded segments created by certain users.
  • You can choose to only visualize coded segments of a certain color.
  • You can choose whether to change the text color of the text in the document to match the color of the code it was coded with.
  • As mentioned before, you can choose whether the code name should be shown or not.
  • Finally, you can choose whether the tooltips should include the information about the author and date of creation.
  • Display or hide emoticodes.
  • Permanently display coded Areas in images

The option to switch off codes with selected colors is particularly useful when you are working in a team with independent coders. In this case, the coders should be defined as codes on the highest level of the code hierarchy and the different coders should use the same code tree organized as subcodes of the coders. Now, while the training the coders, you can hide the visualization of other coders’ work. Later on, they can compare their coding with the coding done by the others.

The option to color the text according to code colors only makes sense if you do not have many overlapping codes. Overlapping codes cause the color of the text to be a mix of those overlapping codes, which can make it very difficult to interpret.

Listing codes assigned to a segment

Often it's useful to determine which codes are assigned to a specific text or image excerpt. To do this, select a text segment or image section and select List assigned codes in the context menu.

Display assigned Codes

This will display a menu in which all assigned codes are listed. Click on an entry in the list to highlight the code in the “Code System.”

List of assigned codes for a segment

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