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MAXQDA Professional Trainer:
Patrick Bond M.A.

LocationNew York, New York
RadiusNorth East & Mid-Atlantic Regions, USA

Standard Workshops

  • Starter Workshop
  • Advanced Workshops
Methodological Expertise
  • Grounded Theory
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
Consulting Services

Software Usage consultations for social sciences, humanities, public health, and medical research.


I hold an M.A. in Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement and have been teaching MAXQDA since 2019. I used MAXQDA to conduct the analysis for my masters thesis where I conducted political discourse analysis of Twitter data.

Although I began the projection NVivo (due to ease of access), I transferred my project to MAXQDA due to my perceived advantages of using MAXQDA. MAXQDA’s lexical search and coding query functions aided my ability to parse large amounts of qualitative data. MAXQDA also enabled me to easily export my coded segments for ease of presentation and preservation. I regularly provide individual consultations for researchers using MAXQDA, and have begun piloting the MAXQDA support service through NYU Data Services.

Currently, I am using MAXQDA to conduct a mixed methods discourse analysis of the #BLM movement on Twitter. This is presenting me with the opportunity to better understand MAXQDA 2020’s Twitter Analysis features, experiment with MAXDictio, while enhancing my skills with MAXQDA’s Analysis and Visualization tools.


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