MAXQDA 2018 Manuals

The free MAXQDA Manuals assist you in providing detailed information on all functions of your QDA software. If this is your first time working with MAXQDA you can get started very quickly with the help of our Getting Started Guides.

MAXQDA 2018 Online Manual

Full user manual, offers detailed information about all features of MAXQDA Standard.
These features are also part of MAXQDA Plus and MAXQDA Analytics Pro.

MAXQDA 2018 – Online Manual

MAXDictio Manual

The toolbar of MAXDictio in MAXQDA 2018

Manual for quantitative text analysis module (MAXDictio). MAXDictio is included in MAXQDA Plus and MAXQDA Analytics Pro.

MAXDictio 2018 – Online Manual

Stats Manual

Manual for statistical data analysis module (Stats). Stats is included MAXQDA Analytics Pro.

Stats 2018 – Online Manual