Video Analysis with MAXQDA

With MAXQDA you can directly import, play, transcribe and code video footage for video analysis. The Multimedia Browser lets you play and code videos using the same approach you would use for text analyses. The standard tools for coding texts are also available for video analysis, including:

  • Adding to comments to coded segments in videos
  • Adding weight scores to coded segments in videos
  • Displaying and hiding coding stripes
  • Attaching memos to specific time positions in videos, e.g. to make notes or add interpretations, hypotheses or evaluative ideas
  • Linking video clips to other video clips or text segments. e.g. sections in your transcript

The following tools are also available especially for video analysis:

  • Exporting still images for publications
  • Saving still images as image documents in MAXQDA for further analysis
  • Exporting short video clips, e.g. for presentations or analysis sessions
  • Transcribing short sections or entire videos
  • Linking videos and transcripts via timestamps

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