The Idea behind Creative Coding

During an open coding stage of their analysis process, researchers may create many codes which in hindsight vary greatly in their scope and level of abstraction. Creative Coding effectively supports the creative process in which these codes are generated, sorted, and organized, and in which a hierarchical code structure is created based on the relationships between codes. The function provides a large workspace on which you can move codes and form meaningful groups. You can place codes that belong together next to one another, insert parent codes, rename codes, change their color, and create a logical structure. Usually, however, this logical structure is the result of a long period of open coding and working with the codes.

The functionality of Creative Coding is fully integrated in MAXMaps and is carried out in three steps:

First, drag the codes you want to work with from the "Code System" into the MAXMaps workspace.

Next, group and organize the codes, create parent and subcodes, create new codes if necessary, and change the color of the codes as desired.

Finally, transfer the changes to your existing "Code System".

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