Code Retrieved Segments

MAXQDA makes it possible for you to code some or all of your retrieved segments in the “Retrieved Segments” window. In this way, you can search and code quickly within specific segments that have been called up.

Let’s say you did a retrieval of the intersections between the codes “Health” and “Home life” for all the women in your interview sample. You can then choose to code all of these segments with a code called “Health + Home life + women.”

To do this, you can …

  • Click on the Code retrieved segments icon in the “Retrieved Segments” window toolbar, or
  • Click on the Code retrieved segments with a new code icon in the “Retrieved Segments” window toolbar if the code you wish to code with hasn’t been created yet (generally recommended).

You will then see the following window:

Autocoding the retrieved segments with a new code

In the dialog window, you can choose a code from the quick list. The most recently-used code,or the most recently-create code, is listed at the top of the list. To open the quick list, simply click on the small triangle on the right. If the code you are looking for is not in the quick list, you will need to close the dialog window and click on that code in the “Code System” in order to add it to the quick list. If you then click on Autcode, the selected code will be assigned to all segments in the “Retrieved segments” window.

Please note: If you encode retrieved segments with an existing code, existing encodings will not be changed. When you encode retrieved segments with a new code, in the case of overlapping coded segments, the outermost segment boundaries will be used.

This action will be added to the list of coding actions in the Undo coding menu in the “Code” toolbar. When you open this list (the  icon is in the coding toolbar in the “Document Browser”), you will see the most recent coding actions at the top with the number of segments coded in each action in parentheses after the code name. If you have coded many segments at one time with the autocoding function, they can all be removed at the same time by clicking once on the appropriate line in this list.

Undoing coding actions

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