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The MAXMaps Interface

A project's maps are created and managed in their own interface called "MAXMaps". MAXMaps is accessed via the first icon on the left side of the Visual Tools tab. The following interface will appear in a separate window:

The MAXMaps window when you open this function

The MAXMaps interface is divided into several areas. In the left window you'll see the "List of Maps", which will contain a single entry called "New Map" when MAXMaps is opened for the first time. Later, as shown in the figure, all your created maps will be listed. The middle window displays your map, the space in which you can model it, insert objects, position them and link them etc. On the right is a small window where you can adjust the properties of these objects.

At the top you will see a menu with two tabs. In the "Start" tab, you'll find everything you need to create and edit a map. Use the "Insert" tab to insert new codes, texts, images and shapes into the map.

Tip: You can reduce the ribbon menu by clicking the icon to make more space available for your map. The "List of Maps" can also be hidden by clicking on the small cross at its window edge to further widen the working area.

Undocking your "List of Maps"

You can change the position of the "List of Maps" window. To do this, click on the small double-window icon at the top right-hand edge of the list to release it from its fixed position at the window edge. You can place the undocked window whereever you like, dragging and dropping it, even to a second monitor. To re-dock it, drag the window to the left or right edge of the MAXMaps window.

Undocking the List of Maps

Undoing actions

At the top right of the MAXMaps window there are two arrow icons to undo and restore your last action.

Undo icons in MAXMaps

The Undo function always only applies to the currently open map. As soon as you open another map or close the MAXMaps window, the "back-up memory" is deleted. The global undo function of MAXQDA has no effect on saved maps in MAXMaps.

Zoom function

Using the zoom options at the bottom right of the screen, you can zoom in and out, and jump to your first object, the "origin" of a map.

Zoom options in MAXMaps

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