External Links

External links are links between a segment of a text or image in MAXQDA and a document outside of the project (e.g. to link part of an interview transcript in MAXQDA with a picture of the person saved elsewhere on your computer).

To insert an external link, simply highlight a section of text or image, right-click on it, and select Insert External Link. A window will then appear where you can select the appropriate external document to be linked. This can be on your internal hard drive, an external medium like a flash drive, or a network location.

External links, for text documents, are blue and underlined like the document links, or in a blue frame for PDF and image documents. When you hover the mouse over the link, a tooltip appears with the name and location of the linked document. Clicking on the link opens the document in the appropriate program. For example, clicking on a link to an image file in JPG format will open the file in an image viewer program.

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